Dino Von Lalli (Auto Mowdown) - March, 2012

Q1: Firstly thanks for being virgin voyagers on this new Q&A section on the site. Can you briefly explain who you are and what your roles are in the band.

DVL: First off let me say thank you for having me on this blog. I am Dino Lalli, i was born and raised in Indio in low desert of Southern California and now at the age of 15, I reside in Sierra Madre, California with the rest of my family. Aside from being a full time sophmore at Pasadena High School I am also lead guitar player in Auto Modown,a project I am doing with my dad Mario Lalli on Bass and my friend Benny Macias on Drums.

Q2: May, 2012 is the release date for the AM debut, is this correct? Tell us a little about the record, recording with Scott Reeder at his ranch, and what folks can expect to hear.

DL:The modown record should be turning out around the end of may on Cobraside records. The record includes 7 brain busting songs straight from the loins of me,pops,and benny. We recorded the record in 2 days and we put it in the hands of Scott from there he mixed and mixed until a masterpiece was made. You can expect to here loud noise and good drumming. the overall experience was amazing scott made us feel at home with early morning breakfast and late night burritos from the local carneceria.

Q3: Over the course of history, many bands feature brothers or sisters in lineups, but not many feature Dads and sons. Tell me, Dino, What are the pros and cons of being in a band with your Dad?

DVL: Everything is a pro except during practice we bump heads about who can come up with a better guitar solo and my pops pretty much always wins. Other then that small thing I think its awsome that im in a band with my father. I am totally blessed with the raddest dad on earth.

Q4: Can you tell me a bit about equipment and your approach to tones and sounds in the band. Did you make use of any of Scott's gear while recording at Sanctuary? 

DVL: When it comes down to the choice of equipment we worry most about tone and volume. We want to blow minds but do it with a sweet and smooth tone. I use a 2010 Gibson Les Paul traditional pro going into a tube screamer,expandora, creepy fingers repeater and a boss digital delay and these lead into my 1972 orange or120 halfstack which is loud and proud.We just dig a classic bad ass rock sound, not to effected so you can still feel the fretts and skins. My dad uses a cheap mexican 1990's fender jazz bass plugged directly into a vintage 1970's SUNN Coliseum 800.We got it at a vintage guitar show , its got the rad 6x12 cab... Benny plays a Blue Ludwig Vistalight three piece set with a 24 inch kick and a 16 inch floor tom and a 13 inch tom tom. 

Q5: Who would you most like to do a tour with and where would you go?

DVL: If I had a choice of going on tour with any bands my top 5 choices would be Clutch, Pelican, Red Fang, Queens of the stone age, and Tenacious D, we are checking out going to europe next summer.

Q6: What's been playing on your stereo this week?

DVL: I've been listening to alot of Sonic youth and Autolux and of course Red fang and Clutch and Grinderman.Thank you for this opportunity I enjoyed making this little blog.

Auto Modown

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