Friday, 24 February 2012

Help fund DEAD's new LP

DEAD are two individuals named Jace & Jem, from Melbourne, Australia. Two very fine men, indeed. Jem runs the WeEmptyRooms label.  In 2009, we co-released the amazing Fire Witch - 'Liars!' album, which Jem played drums on.DEAD currently have an online fundraising campaign, whereby the invitation of  fan-funding, they hope to secure funds to record their next LP. They have lot's of incentives to make it worth your while, should you choose to donate. Go check them out and throw them some dollar$ if you like what you hear. Their debut LP THUNDAAAAAH!' was one of our favorite records of 2011, we hope you will enjoy it/and them, too.

DEAD (Official)
Help fund DEAD's new LP

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