Friday, 16 March 2012

Highly Recommended: Gallucci - 'Click to Switch' (Diepunkdeath)

This band rules. We highly recommended checking it out.

Graciously ripped from DIEPUNKDEATH:

Gallucci, the band you think you might've heard of, but unsure it was for a good reason, delivers new music in a "two sides of the coin" fashion on 'Click to Switch'

Post-Joe Lally, G'cci found itself in a brief period of creative difference, with each brother petitioning heavily for their own version of the band to reign supreme across the land. After much sibling discourse (yelling), a grand idea was struck upon, previously known by Mamma NicNac as 'You put your nose in that corner, and yours in that one over there' - Thus allowing the 'love supream' to prosper, seperately, but as one, together, forever.

So, to document & celebrate the band's existence as a truly two-headed beast - Gallucci, being Jacob & Timothy Nicastri of Sydney, Australia - hereby present their new album 'Click to Switch' to the public ear proper.......

On this very same album, you'll eventually locate contributions from Minutemen/fIREHOSE/Stooges bassman Mike Watt, Stooges/Violent Femmes hornman Steve Mackay and ABC RadioRenegade Tony Barrell amongst many other good people - and of course, there's a whole bunch of guitars.....

Gallucci, a band of infinite stupidity, and inconsistent appearance does "something" once more....

You can download the album in MP3's by clicking here - But If you'd like one of our swish & limit-edish USB hard-card-copies, with CD Quality files, then send $10 our way to cover postage (using the donate button below) and we'll send one anywhere in the world!  - To do that 

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