Wednesday, 20 March 2013

DUMB NUMBERS (USA) This Weekend - Melbourne

DUMB NUMBERS is the new band project for Geelong-born musician and film maker Adam Harding. Now based in Los Angeles, Dumb Numbers is an international collaboration of biblical proportions, featuring members of Dinosaur Jr, Melvins, Sebadoh, Best Coast, Emperor X, Useless Children, Magic Dirt and Dead River. Australian tour line-up features Adam Harding with Murph from Dinosaur Jr, Steve Patrick from Useless Children and Bonnie Mercer from Dead River. 

BODIES are the sonic equivalent of two boulders drunkenly fighting in quicksand. Burdensome riffs. They've played with bands such as Midget/Nation Blue/Blacklevel Embassy/SixFtHick/The Meanies/Splatterheads/Budd and a million other bands. They've toured New Zealand with brothers in arms Batpiss and have a split 7" coming out soon. BODIES are a fire started by a careless match, an ambulance in a car crash, a strange day, two trains fucking, a dog that bites, a broken lightbulb, a busted knee, an open wound, a cross to bear, an empty gesture, an unfinished letter, a harsh word, a dropped elbow, a rusty tin. BODIES are a shark made out of mud. A toothless grin. Gravel and granite.

HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS - After a 10 date tour of Japan in late 2012, a series of collaborative shows around Melbourne, two well received split releases with Desert Rock royalty, all receiving glowing reviews - HWCT return to The Public Bar with their good buddy Adam Harding and his new dirge quartet DUMB NUMBERS.

CLAIRE BIRCHALL has been making music, writing songs and recording them since the mid '90s, took up guitar at 13, and recording on 4-track cassette at 17, where she became a prolific songwriter and recorder. She released her debut solo album ‘captain captain’ in 2001, and also plays in bands Paper Planes and The Happy Lonesome. Claire has just launched her second solo album 'PP', out now on Night Owl Records.

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