Monday, 21 September 2015

NEW RELEASE: SPIDER GOAT CANYON 'Always the Heavy' (Ltd Ed. Photobook/DD)

Spider Goat Canyon ‘Always the Heavy’ [BroFi013]

‘Always the Heavy’ is a record 6 years in the making. The bands last record as a 3 piece, since the departure of guitarist Steve Brick.  The record is a fitting end to that era of the band. The basis for what forms this mammoth release was initially tracked 6 years ago, with new additions to the recording and post production from Steve Brick makes for one heavy and exploratory record. The record is comprised of tracks such as ‘The Drudge, ‘Choking the Masses’ and ‘Secret Valley’ which features a frenzied and powerful vocal track from Ryokuchi (Japan) bass player/singer Harada Hidekazu. This is by far the most wide-spanning SGC record and fans of ethereal space rock in the vein of Farflung and Hawkwind will dig it as much as the more ferocious sounds on offer which will appeal to those who like their metal black and their riffs gargantuan. Echoes of Amphetamine Reptile pedigree and challenging riffs that bend time signatures create a cavalcade of engulfing sounds and sonic texture that one listen does not suffice.Guitarist Steve describes the theme of the record: ‘The theme is largely modern life in an industrialized society. The album finishes on what I would call a very uplifting track that takes an optimistic long-term view, despite the “heaviness” of the present. 
‘Always the Heavy’ is a triumphant end to a chapter of a band 10 years into their tenure, spanning all the creativity and execution you could hope for from three guys who for the last decade have created their own space in a world of heaviness which is captured beautifully on this record.

Release Date: 26.09.15 (Deluxe DD/Photobook)

Release Show: @ Bar Open (Melbourne) w/TTTDC + Hoarse + Hotel Wrecking City Traders (26.09.15)

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